7. The Notes application

7.1. Notes Overview

Notes are a great tool to write ideas down, write down a phone number or make a shopping list. You can use notes for lots of different purposes, but most of all you can use notes the way you please.

7.1.1. Notes: Main Toolbar

The Main Toolbar contains buttons with the most important functions for the Notes application, these buttons are described in their respective chapters.

The Main Toolbar for the Notes application

The Main Toolbar for the Notes application Notes: New button

The New button opens a new tab, in which a new note can be created. Notes: Address Book button

The Address Book button opens a pop-up in which the Global Address Book is shown, here all contacts that are saved can be found. Notes: Refresh button

The Refresh button allows to force the WebApp to check for any changes on the server, which in the Notes application means that it will check for new or updated notes. Notes: Print button

With the Print button you are able to print a note.


Make sure you have enabled pop-ups in your browser Notes: Switch View button

With the Switch View button in the Main Toolbar the tasks can be displayed with certain filterings. The WebApp offers the ability to:

  • Show notes as icons
  • Show notes in a listview
  • Show notes for the last 7 days

7.1.2. Notes: Folder Navigation Pane

The Folder Navigation Pane in the Notes application shows all contact folders. When a folder in the Folder Navigation Pane is selected, the notes in that folder will be shown in the Main Window. General information about the Folder Navigation Pane can be found in “Folder Navigation Pane (3)”.

7.1.3. Notes: Main Window

In the Notes application the Main Window is used for two things:

  1. To show a list with the notes in the folder that is selected in the Folder Navigation Pane. Depending on the view settings (see “Notes: Switch View button”) the notes will be shown as icons, as a list, or as a list with only notes that were written in the last seven days.
  2. To show a dialog to view/edit/create a note. On top of the dialog there is a toolbar with buttons for to save the note, delete the note, add categories to the note, and to change the background color of the note.


The Main Window uses tabs which makes it simple to switch between notes and note lists.

7.2. Working with Notes

7.2.1. Sharing notes with coworkers

Notes can be shared with coworkers through the folder sharing functionality of Zarafa. You can follow the example here: “Sharing mail folders with coworkers”.

7.2.2. Accessing shared notes

Notes can be accessed through the folder sharing functionality of Zarafa. You can follow the example here: “Open Shared Folder”.